The Cultist

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The Cultist
The Cultist
Type Ranged
Health E
Attack A
Speed D
Horror E
Amount 3

The Cultist is a Minion controlled by Dagon's Apostles in Sea Salt. They are unlocked by defeating Admiral Pierce.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ranged minions that worship Dagon. High damage output, low health and not frightening

The Cultist can be sacrificed at an altar when playing Apostle Traeton (4 at a time) in return for one of three unique monsters:

1. Tentacle Squid: Fast moving creature with tendrils. Has a solidly long ranged beam that does excellent damage.

2. Winged Demoniac: Red winged monster. Shoots fireballs in any and all directions around it. Solid damage output

3. Hooded Potion Slapper: Tall hooded creature. Has a slower melee attack that is very powerful. Slow moving, great damage output.

NOTE: Sacrificing your final 4 cultists (with no other creatures to control) may result in failure.

Book of Dagon[edit | edit source]

When the first of the humans started worshiping Dagon, and the tremendous power beheld in the sea, they followed Traeton. He lead them thousand fathoms deep everlasting life. Those that emerged became wielders of maja, mindlessly lending their abilities for the praise of Dagon.